Wednesday, March 26, 2003

In the Book of Genesis, the Tower of Babel represented the folly of humanity attempting to defy the will of God. The historical kernel of that story was somewhere in the Mesopotamian plain, where our armies fight today.

In 1281, typhoon winds and fierce Japanese resistance led to the loss of the Mongol fleet and the death of around 100,000 Mongol warriors. This was seen by the Japanese as a Divine Wind, or the original "Kamikaze."

In 1588, a fierce windstorm was instrumental in the victory of the (Protestant) English fleet over the attacking (Catholic) Spanish Armada. For centuries, Englishmen celebrated the "Protestant wind" that had brought victory through divine intervention.

According to press reports, the Iraqi armies have decided to meet the Americans and British in open battle, while covered by the sandstorm. Saddam Hussein hopes for a victory assisted by the weather, for an Act of God which would bring him victory in his self-proclaimed jihad. He is gambling much of his remaining army on these battles, and trusting to Allah to bring him victory.

Our Islamist enemies believe that, despite all of our wealth and our technology and our power, that they will triumph against us because it is the will of God that they prevail. They believe that jihad will triumph over the United States by the will of God, just as it destroyed the Soviet Union by the will of God. Today, many of them believe that the sandstorm in the desert, reducing our ability to operate, is the will of God.

When the sand clears, we will see which is destroyed and which will prevail, the United States or the mechanized forces of the jihad.

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