Thursday, March 27, 2003

America the Liberator

JEFF JACOBY says Saddam will fight dirty to the end:

[it] will go down fighting, and it will remain brutal and fascist to the last. And how do brutal fascists fight? They shoot POWs in the head and flaunt their corpses on camera. They site military hardware near hospitals and schools, turning civilians into human shields. They wave a white flag to indicate surrender, then open up with machine guns or rocket-propelled grenades. They order noncombatants in front-line cities to attack allied troops, threatening to kill them if they refuse. They build a military bunker under the hotel at which foreign reporters are required to stay.

Jacoby is undeterred.

As is the case in nearly every war, brave soldiers have been captured or killed, armor and aircraft have been destroyed, and Mother Nature - this time in the form of furious sandstorms - has refused to cooperate with military planners.

But the losses and setbacks have been vastly greater for Saddam Hussein's military than for the forces fighting to topple him. With the war only a week old, Iraq's southern oil fields and its only port city are in American hands; thousands of Iraqi soldiers are in custody; Republican Guard divisions are being ripped from the air; an anti-Saddam uprising, aided by British troops, is reportedly underway in Basra; and the American-led alliance is nearly at the outskirts of Baghdad. If Gulf War II will not be a second Six Day War, neither is its outcome in doubt: Saddam's brutal fascist regime is going to be destroyed.


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