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:: Friday, August 15, 2008 ::

Leonard Peikoff takes on my question in his podcast 

:: Posted by Nicholas Provenzo at 3:12 PM

Catching up on my podcast listening, I was pleased to hear Dr. Leonard Peikoff answer a question that I had submitted to him in his July 28th podcast. I had asked:

What kind of commitment does it take to master Objectivism as a tool for living a just and happy life? Is Ayn Rand's philosophy something that can take a relatively short time to learn (perhaps a few years of study), but a lifetime to master? What insight can you offer based upon your own effort?
The section starts 1:57 into the podcast and lasts until 6:39. While I had my own answer to this question, I was nevertheless intrigued to see how he would frame the issue. As always, he offered the kind of insight one would expect of a man of his intellect and accomplishments. Thanks!

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